12 September 2016

Pig Pen pictures

The pig pen is complete, and the three little pigs have moved in.  They seem to be enjoying the room to run.  It took two weeks, but it's always faster and easier to do it right the first time.  Now, let's hope we did it right!

pigs enjoying the new pen

lots of room to move around - right now

02 September 2016

Quick storm update

Just got a text from my sister asking how things are going down here.  I had been thinking about posting an update anyway.  We're not in the storm's path.  Landfall was a good 4-5 hours' drive from us.  We are getting rain, so work on the pig pen is temporarily paused due to that.  I woke up at three-something this morning to the sound of pouring rain and a full bladder, but it's down to just enough rain to irk the chickens right now.  Cell phone coverage seems spottier than usual, but power and satellite internet are both working.

I think I'll sew today.