25 February 2013

Garden box number one is done!

 We just got done with our first garden box. We built the box and later after marking the area dug it out.
  We had a few roots that were in the way but they weren't really a problem.
 So have a look at the work we have done!

The hole is nearly done! and thank goodness that was some work!
And we were only just getting started!
These logs have been sitting here just decomposing away for a while, were not sure how long.
In to the hole the will go!
They will get broken down to hole water for the growing plants.

All the digging is done!

The broken logs are buried under leaves and dirt.
We put in three layers of leaves and dirt.

She transplanted the veggies after adding topsoil
we are looking forward to seeing our work pay off.

Well enough from me for no, Back to work!
Thanks for looking!

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