08 April 2013

Quick update 8 Apr

I've been a bit too busy/tired to fuss with photo editing, so here is a quick text update:

  • Rampart Fowl is now complete - it's 9 ft by 6 ft by 6 ft and currently populated with the "golden girls" who have been renamed "the breakfast club" now, plus hubby's surprise/reward: one grown rooster and two adult hens, all red.
  • Three more garden boxes built: one filled and planted yesterday with Kennebec white potatoes, one partially filled but still needing more dirt, to be planted with more green beans and carrots, and the third still empty but also designated for potatoes (Yukon golds).
  • Spanish moss pulled off the north fence, and planting started: so far three zucchini plants (that were supposed to be green onions, but ...) and six Homestead variety tomatoes.  I have some Red Hot Cherry peppers and a couple regular jalapenos still to get into the ground.
  • Speaking of peppers, hubby requested I grow these also for his chili and whatever else strikes his fancy.  Varieties planted into various boxes are: TAM Mild jalapeno, regular jalapeno, mammoth hot jalapeno, Anaheim pepper, Carmen sweet Italian pepper, Cubanelle sweet pepper, sweet banana pepper, Cayenne pepper, and New Mexico Big Jim pepper.
  • A bit of purple!  I scored two good-sized Cherokee Purple tomato starts, plus some purple basil ... and to top it off, three purple colored coated tomato cages.
  • Along with the dozen flat of marigolds on clearance, I picked up a 4-cell variety flat of coleus and successfully separated out TEN plants.  Those are my two favorite pretties, and the marigolds pull double duty as insect-pest repellent.  Now to get them all placed around the front.
Pictures will be coming at some point.  I still have a bunch of planting to do, which takes priority.

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