01 October 2015

Bossy is broody again

It took her a while to decide which cubbyhole she likes best, but today she made up her little bird brain and chose cubby #3 (from the left) ... maybe because that is where Flaca laid the past couple days, and we didn't collect up eggs last evening.  She was glued to those two eggs and two golf balls after dinner feeding, and although she fluffed up and almost growled at me, she didn't peck me when I fished the two large white eggs out.  She wasn't exactly hostile, but not thrilled either, when I put the seven eggs from Tiny's tractor and two eggs from Spikey's tractor under her.  I may get the golf balls out from under her tomorrow morning when she's eating.

So, one broody Wheatie hen with seven Wyandotte eggs and two Meaties eggs under her, due to hatch the 22nd.  Meanwhile, the twenty-nine eggs in the incubator will be candled Sunday.

The two chicks from the first hatch are doing well.  The heat bulb blew last evening, so we tried putting them in with Pollux again.  He enjoys having little warm bodies to sleep cuddled up with, but ignores them during the day.  They are still small enough to slip under the end pieces of the tractor, but apparently figured out how to get back in after getting out this morning, so we are letting them bounce around until it's dark enough to go to bed, at which point we expect them to snuggle up under Pollux for the night.

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