19 December 2015

Chilly morning

It got chilly overnight, with a low of either 40F or 41F.  The sky was clear as a bell when the dog woke us up to go out and pee before dawn.  It gave hubby a good excuse to fire up the new wood burning stove, which will be fueled by trees from the property in subsequent winters (what passes for winter down here).  He has a nice pile tucked under the back of the house already from the tree he is still cutting up in back.
new wood burning stove
Now that the sun is up, the living room in particular is toasty warm.  The brickwork and hole in the ceiling and roof were here when we bought this place, and was one of the things we really liked.  It just took a couple years to find the right one, as we did not want to rush into buying something as permanent as a cast iron wood burning stove.

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