07 April 2016

Goat and dairy update

First off, I will get pictures later when my back isn't bothering me.  Miz Chocolate is being a bully out there any way - once again she is very jealous.  Of whom is she jealous?  The new dairy doe (nanny) and her buckling, Primrose and Harry (Houdini).  I had been thinking while reading about the dairy breeds that what I really wanted would be an Oberhasli, once called Swiss Alpine but now considered a separate breed.  Then, Tuesday after slaughtering Pork Chop, I was browsing the Gainesville Craigslist ... and there it was, just posted: "Package deal: Oberhasli mother and son."  Sounded like fate to me, and the price was certainly right - $200 for both.

Prim isn't a pretty Oberhasli, but she certainly does produce.  I got about twelve ounces from her last evening, then just under a quart this morning ... and this is from just one side of her udder, as the other side is empty, flaccid, and may be what dairy goat people call "blown out."  She is likely registered, but I didn't ask about papers and he didn't offer.  It is not a big deal to me right now, as I doubt I'll be selling any of her offspring.

Harry will definitely not be staying with us.  He still has his horns, and he also shimmied right out of the enclosure last evening before we could even get the fence turned on.  That is why he and Prim were for sale - he is an even better escape artist than his older sister, who was pointed out to me as the goat with the cast on her leg from a previous escape attempt that didn't go right.  They have solid wood horse fencing ... and a coyote problem.

I mentioned I doubt I'll be selling any of Prim's offspring, and that does include Harry.  He will more than likely be our first cabrito - goat meat.  We'll wait until I get back from Kentucky next month, so Prim stays in milk while I am gone as hubby says he just does not see himself milking a goat.

Meanwhile, with such great milk production, I'll have enough to make a batch of cheese tomorrow after the morning milking.  There is two and a half quarts in there right now between the two does (nannies).

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