16 August 2016

Nine A.M.

A while back, one of the military branches (Army?) had a recruiting commercial that said, "We do more before 9 A.M. than most people do all day."  Well, the thought occurred to me this morning that out here I do more before 9 A.M. than I did most days in the Army.

So, things I have done already (clock says 0903) include:

  • turned on sprinkler in goat pasture
  • let morning crew of chickens out
  • let guineas out
  • fed rabbits
  • milked four goats
  • refilled mammals' waters
  • moved sprinkler to new location
  • trimmed dog's toe nails
  • fed chickens
  • started laundry
  • watered garden boxes where I planted Swiss chard seeds and green onion seeds the past week
I still need to hang my laundry, then bring it in before dark, do something with at least a gallon of milk, and of course milk in the evening.

Usually, when in garrison in the Army, by 0900 we had gotten up, did PT (physical training, not therapy), showered, ate breakfast, and dressed for work call formation which normally was at 0900 sharp, which meant you better have been there by ten minutes prior or you'd spend however long in back of the formation doing push-ups.  Looking over my little list, there is nothing physically strenuous - and that's a good thing with my back.  It just looks like a lot because it didn't rain last evening or overnight, and only a small chance of rain for today so I may water where I seeded again this evening.

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