06 October 2016

Pre-storm check in

Right now, the sun is shining and the wind is just a normal breeze.  We did our main stock-up on Monday, before anyone else ... but the one critter feed I forgot was cat food.  Hubby went up to Palatka yesterday to pick up his new glasses, and said there were lines for gas stations and the parking lot for the local Winn-Dixie was "packed."

It's been a whole lot of normal here lately.  About the only newsworthy things is I got one new bunny, a New Zealand/Florida White cross with Rex fur who is white and orange-red.  I named her Ginger, and she was born sometime in January, so a little older than Lacey.  The goats are in their breeding season, and Brownie is a stinky, silly billy who has worked off his pot belly pudge already.  The pigs are growing, and look healthy and happy.  Cerridwen will now let hubby and I both scratch her ears.  Annie Sue still isn't sure about being touched, but Boston IS sure - he is sure he wants nothing to do with it.  I only had two chicks hatch from Feyd and the Sisters, and one of those broke its thigh bone (Pollux probably stepped on it) so just one last chick from Feyd.

A reminder that we are on satellite internet, so there will probably be several hours when we can't get signal through the clouds.  Being on the dead end of a dirt road, it's likely we may lose power for anywhere between an hour and a few days.  Our neighbor Slim told us the record for this set of dirt roads was the year three named storms came though one right after another, and power was out for two weeks.

I'm not worried about the rain - the forecast is for 7-10 inches, and we got 14-16 inches in 36 hours up in Tennessee in the spring of 2010.  Of course, that kicked off an historic flood, but then as now I had bought a home on higher ground.  Our biggest concern is the wind, since we DO live in the woods.

We are not under mandatory evacuation orders, so we are staying put to take care of all the animals.  It may be difficult to get in touch with me if the power goes out for a while, but have faith that we'll make it through.

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