17 November 2016

A few garden pictures

I may not have a green thumb, and still have more gardening fails than wins, but when something survives me - it tends to really thrive.  Here are a few notables thriving outside right now.
17 broccoli starts - all still going!
(Pac-Man hybrid variety, so no seed-saving)

the Greek oregano that must dream of world domination

3 hibiscus flowers in a row, that inspired me
to grab the camera and get pics

2 more hibiscus flowers

Italian oregano, two full season younger than the Greek
but expanding its reach nicely

surviving curled-leaf parsley
(the other is being choked out by the Greek oregano)

1 comment:

Bev @ kwiltpharm said...

Love you hibiscus-they are beautiful! You could rescue the other parsley and give it its own space.... We are in for our first winter weather this weekend-yesterday and today were in the low 70's!!! My poor migraine head is not happy with the weather changes! Enjoy your fresh broccoli when you get it-i am jealous!