10 June 2014

Why we bother

After my grumping in the last post about the Cornish-Rock cross meat chickens I got this year from Tractor Supply, I thought to post a pic of why we bother with the hassle and chore of raising up our meat from chicks, and what makes the slaughter chore worth it:
two Cornish-Rock meat chickens smoking on the grill
These are those last two, and you can probably see just how large they are.  That is bits of bacon on top of the skinless one in the roasting pan, with quartered potatoes around it (her, actually).  Each chicken is big enough to be between three and six meals, depending on how many/much side dishes.


Anonymous said...

Your other post had me feeling just the slightest bit queasy . . . and then I saw this and all I can think is "yum"! LOL

dfr2010 said...

Yum indeed! It makes it worth it when we bite into a wonderfully flavorful meal.