08 July 2014

Lettuce seeds collected

I just spent some time collecting lettuce seeds from the one spectacularly-growing lettuce plant in the garden box I also had peas in.  According to my previous post, the box was seeded with two varieties of lettuce back in February.  Here's the punchline: I am not sure which variety grew the one plant so well, as I had only two sprouts make it and one was puny and weak.  They are both the same ... but nothing to compare it with!  Oh well ....

So my plan of action is to plant the seeds I just harvested this fall, pick out a couple plants that look strong and impressive and collect seeds from them, and repeat for a few years.  If what grew this spring is a hybrid, then I'll have all kinds of interesting specimens to choose from come next spring.  If it breeds true, then both hubby and I shall feast on green salads through the winter and maybe even share with the chickens.  The chickens will probably feast all winter either way.  I estimate I will have a good, vigorous variety of green leafy lettuce that thrives in my yard in approximately five years ... with a bit of luck, of course.

My dirt, my dream.  Oh, and hubby has been getting some garden ideas of his own (usually involving his jalapenos).

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