31 July 2014

Making my own

As everyone has likely noticed, the prices in the grocery store are looking a bit "anti-pretty" nowadays.  In fact, some of the prices seem a bit ridiculous compared to the ewffort required to make the items myself ... so I have been learning to make my own.  It started back in the fall (autumn) with bread, which also played into our home heating plan for the winter.  Here is a recent loaf, that looked pretty enough to inspire grabbing the digicam:
homemade wheat bread loaf cooling
I have not only become proficient at baking the bread, but also slicing it up into sandwich-thin slices with just a bread knife and a wooden cutting board.  The only kind of bread we buy at the grocery store now is sourdough, as we don't love it enough to keep some starter in the fridge.

The next item that just got ridiculous in the grocery store was mayonnaise.   Last year, the jar of mayo were around $3, but they have steadily risen to over $5 per jar.  So, I went searching for a recipe, and discovered it is surprisingly easy to make my own!  The main trick seems to be drizzling the oil in very slowly while running the stick blender on high.  We have not bought any since I learned how to make it myself.

Last night, I noticed we were almost out of ketchup.  A quick hunt through the pantries showed nothing in reserve, and I have become extremely picky about my ketchup since the no-HFCS/real sugar stuff was brought back onto the market ... but if you don't catch it on sale it is pricey.  Enter a recipe, a good sale on tomato sauce and tomato paste, and a little motivation ... I will need to update the results as it needs to simmer all day.


Anonymous said...

As one who rarely cooks (the hubby is the cook in the family) . . . this all sounds mighty ambitious ~ and delicious! That bread really looks good.

dfr2010 said...

I started cooking back when I was 6 or 7, so maybe your hubby would find it "surprisingly easy" ... when my hubby returned from Afghanistan in '09 he asked me to teach him cooking. I need to post the pics of the kind of caveman-makes-fire cooking he loves to do.

As for the bread ... I use one of the simpler recipes I found, and hubby cringes at the idea of buying commercially-made wheat bread now.