27 September 2014

Green and red romaine lettuce plants taking well

Here are a few pics of the green and red romaine lettuce starts I transplanted the other week.  I have them spread out among three boxes, as at the time the neighbors' pet deer was still pillaging gardens.  (I still have not seen her recently ... I had nothing to do with that, either!)  I figure next week we can probably start eating a salad or two.
green and red romaine lettuce, with a few volunteer pepper plants, likely datil

green and red romaine lettuce in with basil and last year's green onions

last year's salad box, with the last few red romaine lettuce plants
In this last box, you can see a little bit of our composting-in-place going on.  Kitchen waste like coffee grounds, filters, egg shells, and vegetable scraps get put into future beds or existing beds that need a little boost.  Meat scraps go to either the dog or the chickens.  Dead leaves and grass clippings round that out.


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous . . . I have the hardest time starting lettuce from seeds. Yours look great!

dfr2010 said...

These are "cheater" starts I bought at Lowes. The lettuce seeds are still in the freezer, including the seeds I harvested this summer from the *ONE* good plant that I started from seed. I am not even sure which variety it was ... it just looked great and tasted great, a bright green loose-leaf variety.

Spinach is what I have had trouble growing from seed - and we love spinach.