30 September 2014

Sun time versus clock time

So, we have passed the autumnal equinox and the days are noticeably getting shorter.  A couple days before the equinox, hubby remarked that it was obvious the season was changing because the mid-morning sunlight was coming in his window instead of mine.  Another factor coming up soon: the end of "daylight savings" time here in 49 of the 50 states.  My brother in Arizona is still spared the hassle of changing his clocks twice a year.

What just brought this difference in reckoning time up this evening is the late chicken feeding.  Near the summer solstice we were feeding the chickens after 6 PM, and not eating ourselves until 7 or later.  Now with shorter days, I have moved the feeding time back to a couple hours prior to sunset, which I reckon by when the shadow from the tall tree behind the house touches the first front garden box.

We will still need clock-time for appointments and business hours for errands, but I noticed that more and more I am looking at where the shadows around the house are for a gauge of what time it is.

Oh, there is only one time a day when the roosters are on clock-time: when my neighbors leave for work a bit before 6 AM and their headlights wake the boys up.

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