03 October 2014

What a morning

So we woke up to no running water this morning.  Since I distrusted the well pump, we do have five gallons of filtered drinking water and another five gallons of non-filtered wash water on hand ... and yes, the well pump died overnight.

Then I went out to feed the chickens breakfast, and the pretty pencil-feathered easter egger was barely moving.  The darker easter egger had died last week without warning, and this one had been lethargic for the better part of the week.  She didn't even open her eyes when I picked her up to move her out of the small coop.  At least Speckles and Sunny the Welsummer are both bright-eyed and active.

I hope the weekend gets better.

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Anonymous said...

What a morning is right. . . so sorry to read about your chickens. Hope the rest of your weekend is better!