09 October 2014

Planted some more stuff

Wall-of-text, probably no pics ... this is where I keep my gardening notes so the cat cannot shred a paper notebook and I should not be able to misplace this.  After last evening's huge assault on the dirt and weeds, hubby asked what WE were planting today.  I love that he has become more interested in both the gardening (including composting) and the chickens (which may also include composting).  So we attacked another bed with digging fork, shovel, hoe and rake.  Here we go:

  • Green onion (Burpee Parade variety) in the box next to the store-bought green onions I had planted either in the spring or last fall.  The ones I started from seed last year near the coop have outshone and outproduced the store-boughts.  For anyone who has not yet heard the trick on store-bought green onions: chop them down to where the stems turn white ... then instead of tossing the little bulbs, plant them.  Excellent for people who have little space and use containers for gardening ... but as I mentioned, the seed started ones are noticeably better.
  • Chives (Ferry-Morse, garlic variety) in the same box as the green onions.  A nice bit of variety.
  • Spinach (Burpee Bloomsdale Long-Standing and Satin varieties) in the same box, also in the original salad box, and a few scattered in where I planted mustard, spinach mustard, and turnip greens the other day.  We like spinach!  Especially in salads, on sandwiches, in casseroles, etc etc etc ....
  • Peas (American Seed Dwarf Gray Sugar variety) along the trellis in the bed-without-a-box we prepped this morning.  An edible-pod variety, which will mean a lot of happy stir-fries for us.
  • Carrots (orange, Burpee Big Top, Scarlet Nantes, and Danvers 126 varieties) scattered on one side of the pea trellis closer to the house.
  • Rainbow carrots from Ferry-Morse.  Seriously, who could resist a purple carrot?  Or a gold one, or a white one ... you could say I tend to still play with my food on a more sophisticated level! LOL
  • Parsnip (Ferry-Morse, Hollow Crown variety) I was surprised the seeds are so much larger than carrot seeds, since I thought the two more closely related.  Hmm, maybe kissing cousins instead of first cousins then.
  • Radish (Ferry-Morse, White Icicle Short Top variety) just because.
I am pretty sure that is all that I have planted today.  I am out of half-empty envelopes and did not use all of any one up.

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