04 October 2014

Our new incubators

We bought four new incubators this morning at the farm market, and here are pics of three of them:
bantam/Polish cockerel and one of the bantam/Polish pullets

Sunny the Welsummer and the two new Silkie pullets
Nope, not the electrical style of incubators!  LOL  Both bantams and Silkies have reputations for firmly believing their purpose in life is to brood and hatch any and all fertilized eggs.  I am hoping these four live up to that reputation, because even though our electric co-op is very good about getting power back up when it goes down in a storm ... the one time you depend on that it just won't happen.  "Murphy" and his law run more than just the army.

Hubby came with me to the farm market, even though he was up until 3 AM taking care of replacing the well pump.  I wanted him to see the Silkies, the purebred Polish, and also adult guineas.  Well, more like hearing the adult guineas LOL since they can be rather loud and I want a small flock of them.  He has approved the guinea fowl idea, as long as their coop is far enough away from our bedroom windows.

When we walked up to the vendor I bought from last time, I pointed out the Silkies first, calling them "incubators disguised as feather dusters."  The vendor, Fran, thought that was hilarious, and added, "Yup, that is true!"  When I pointed out the Polish chickens in the cage above, I called them "escapees from an '80s hair band" which got chuckles from both hubby and Fran.  Instead of calling the Silkies or Polish weird or silly-looking, hubby says they look cool and he would not object to either breed running around our coops or tractoring around the yard.  So, we now have two Silkies and a breeding trio of bantam/Polish crosses which are just too cute to pass up.  The bantie/Poles look like they belong in the early '80s new bands, so one of the pullets will be named Eileen (as in "Come on, Eileen").  I just need to learn to tell them apart.

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