31 October 2014

New chicks

More of an update later, but right now:
newly arrived just-hatched chicks
Twenty-five of those are my neighbors' who combined order with me to save on shipping.  The neighbors ordered just Cornish-Rock crosses to raise for meat, where I ordered 30 "assorted heavies" which means I could have quite the selection.  So we ordered 55 total, and I received 62 with extras for warmth.  All were alive and cheeping rather noisily.

The "Oh they are so CUTE!" is in full effect right now.


A :-) said...

OMG they ARE so cute :-D Reminded me of trips to the Museum of Science and Industry and also the Farm in the Zoo at Lincoln Park Zoo when I was a kid. I loved seeing the chickens hatch :-D

Anonymous said...

That was always my favorite part of starting a new flock - the itty bitty chicks. :-) And to have healthy extras is a nice bonus!

dfr2010 said...

They are GROWING ... faster than the weeds right now.