06 November 2014

More chicks pics

Just because they are still very much in the cute phase, and because I changed out the pine shavings.
33 week-old chicks

close up of some of the week old chicks
We sent our neighbor her 25 chicks ... although we may have miscounted and sent over 27 instead.  No big deal, as the hatchery sent 7 extras, and we have only lost two chicks, so that is 33 week-old chicks in the brooder tank.  They are still growing like weeds, which has a down side in that they are still doing their run-flap-jump routine on each other, which is how we lost the second one yesterday, to general young chick rambunctiousness.

Hubby will be building a chicken tractor so we can start scooting them around the yard to eat grass and bugs once they get enough feathers grown in.

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