30 November 2014

Pullets out in the chick tractor

Now the rest of the chicks are OUT of the shed!  This means I can start airing the shed out for a few weeks or so .... someone described chicks as "too stinkin' cute" and the emphasis is certainly on the word "stinkin'."  I'll let hubby write up the stats/specs on our chick tractor, if he's so inclined.
the pullets discovering grass

pullets still mobbing the feeder

door in chick tractor for waterer

shelter and roost end of chick tractor
It may look like a bit of (*ahem*) rural engineering, but it will do exactly what we need it to do: hold the chicks safely while being lightweight enough to move every evening, and by only one person if necessary.

If all 17 of these chicks really are pullets, then I will consider myself very lucky!  I had ordered 25 assorted straight run.

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