23 November 2014

Moving chicks outside

Been a bit busy, but here are a few pics in between rain events.  (Hopefully, no new trees will come down this week! That needs its own post though.)  I have moved the eight Nuggets (Cornish/Rock crosses) out into the chicken hutch, and while they haven't figured out the idea of going *up* into the hutch part, they are enjoying hopping around on the grass.
the nuggets enjoying the great outdoors
I moved these eight yesterday, and this morning I selected the eight biggest and most boisterous cockerels out of the assortment to move out into the old bantie-house.  Four have so far figured out the ramp, while the other four were happy to snuggle down into the pine shavings for some peaceful rest.
four of the cockerels moved out of the shed

three of the four really adventurous cockerels ....
there were four in the frame when I focused the camera!
Finally, hubby has been working on building a chick tractor to bring the rest outside.  It is light enough for me to move, with roosts for the chicks which will be under a roof with hardware cloth as a "floor" of sorts.
chick tractor in progress
When hubby finishes it up, the chicks will be able to scratch and hop around the yard inside it, safe from bald eagles, hawks, owls, and other assorted wildlife that appreciates a chicken dinner as much as we do.

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