07 November 2014

Homemade bread and English muffins

WARNING: Do not look on an empty stomach!
Fresh bread just out of the oven today, trying a new recipe:
homemade sandwich bread fresh from the oven
Now, for a little catch-up from earlier this week, when I made my usual loaf of wheat bread and hubby made from-scratch English muffins for the first time:
homemade bread and English muffins cooling
Homemade from-scratch English muffin
 If you ask me, I will say the homemade English muffins taste light-years better than the store-bought ones ... I have never been a huge fan of English muffins, having only had the store version before this.  The fun part is that they "bake" on the stove, in a cast iron skillet.

Both the new bread recipe and the English muffin recipe come from a special issue from Hobby Farm magazine, simply called "Homemade Breads" that I found on the magazine rack in Tractor Supply recently.  I already consider it money well spent, and there are more recipes we want to try like apple-stuffed fry bread, skillet cornbread with cheese, and an Indian flatbread called naan.  The added bonus of baking our own bread is when hubby walks into the house after being outside or in his workshop and exclaims, "Yum!  It smells wonderful in here!"

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Anonymous said...

Oh I should have heeded your warning. OMG - it looks amazing . . . and I’m starving. I can only imagine just how wonderful it smelled while baking.