07 October 2014

Planted something (greens)

So I had made myself a to-do list Saturday night that read:

  • make bread
  • water gardens
  • plant something
Hubby thought it was amusing ... the specificity of "plant something" ... but I just did not get it done on Sunday.  Instead I had to go chasing a pullet (dark Easter egger I thought might be sick, bought Saturday) a couple times before deciding she obviously felt well enough to go in with others.  A remarkable recovery for her, aided by our fermented wet scratch and "Poultry Booster" multivitamins, so I swapped her for one of the Silkies, who had been crying and we wanted to be sure she was eating.  She did eat and drink, but I still found her dead Monday morning.  Best I can figure is she had injured herself either going into the carrier or when the other pullets were in the carrier at the farm market, as she had cried all the way home as well.  I had named her Crybaby.  This brings us down to three feathered incubators, but those three are all looking well.

Today I finally got out into the dirt and planted "something," three different somethings, in fact.  I spread around little seeds for "Seven Top" turnips, "Florida Broadleaf" mustards, and "Tendergreen" spinach mustard.  I also scattered a few mustard seeds around my Tropical Beauty peach tree, which isn't looking too good this fall.

Now here are some more chicken pics from Saturday.
the Polish/banties, Corey and the Eileens

Buffy, with her partially-feathered feet

Buffy and Lavendar, the other Easter egger

Speckles the speckled Sussex

Sunny the Welsummer, hamming it up in hopes of a treat

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