27 June 2015

Breaking the broody Wheaties

So, it is now a week past when those eggs should have hatched underneath the two "Wheaties" Ameracaunas from Luanne.  Neither hen looked willing to just quit the nest, so we took action this morning.  I went into the tractor, had to lift one of the Wheaties up off the eggs (the one with the black ziptie ankle bracelet) then pick up the eggs before she could get back on them.  I handed those out to hubby, then took down the front perch so I could pull their tub out they've been using as a nestbox.  While both are upset, the one with the black ziptie is much more upset ... she was also the most dedicated to the cause.

They have no nest box right now, just two perches and a "shelf" of hardware cloth.  I plan to put Feyd in their tonight to not only shake up their little world even more, but I figure a little time with a rooster might cure what ails them.  If not, Feyd will certainly ail what cures them.  The red broiler pullets might even appreciate a short break from the "EverReady Rooster."

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