30 June 2015

June eggs

For the 30 days of June, our hens laid 177 eggs, with three hens going broody at the end of May and therefore not laying for June, and four new pullets started laying: Little Girl, the small single-comb Wyandotte from Luanne, one of the rosecomb Wyandottes from Luanne, and two of the red broiler pullets.  In fact, Little Girl is already showing to be a good layer: she laid her first egg on the tenth, and yesterday laid her fourteenth egg.  That is an impressive start, although her eggs aren't much bigger than the first (excepting a suspected double-yolker).

I mentioned Little Girl's good start in an email to Luanne, and Luanne replied she was pleasantly surprised by how well her line lays in frequency and how early they come into lay.  Apparently, there are enough Wyandotte lines that wait until 8 months to start laying, and only lay about 3 eggs per week.  Luanne mentioned she just wishes the Wyandottes laid a little larger eggs ... so that will likely be something I start selecting for in subsequent generations.

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