22 September 2015

Coop repair

Yesterday we found some big gashes in the wire of our chicken coop.
I spent yesterday until about 5:00 pm (1700)
working on the coop. I started by removing the face boards, at ground level, and the "offending" wire.
This was done to 4 panels. each roughly 6 foot tall and 3 foot wide.

I wasn't sure I would be done in one day, the damaged wire was spotted just before Noon.(1200)
Katrina went to get the new wire while I got to work.

I decided to finish the job this morning. I could imagine myself rushing to finish.I knew I would be tired and very likely make a mistake in my rush to finish.

This morning i got started just after 9:00 and was done before noon with several short brakes. 

I found these pictures and thought I'd share them.

These were taken whike the coop was being built in 2013.

These was a year later.

And these are from this morning once the work was complete.

I have a few more plans to really finish the coop up but I have no problems putting the chickens back in there coop. 
I discovered a lot of problems that I will need to correct with the coop.
Mostly I am seeing where wood is rotting and boards are sagging.
I had never built something like this before and it's been a learning experience.

I should have a short video to add to this in a few days.
Thanks for reading!

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