21 September 2015


The eggs in the incubator have started to hatch this morning, a day and a half early.  A Meatie chick was the first out of the shell, and now a Wyandotte chick is out, with big feet and longer legs.

Luanne gave me detailed instructions for these last couple days in an email, and the big point she stressed was to NOT open the incubator until the hatch is done.  She stated every time she's had problems with "shrink-wrap" of the egg membrane on partially hatched chicks, it has been because she opened the incubator early.  So I have to content myself with watching through the window ... I won't open the incubator until Wednesday morning unless all the eggs hatch before then.

Hubby has his digicam up and took a bit of video after we had watched the Wyandotte break out of the shell, but still pictures are out until I open the incubator.  Oh yeah, we got to watch the first little Wyandotte kick out of the shell, then flop around clumsily.  His feathers still aren't dry yet as I type this, although the little early-bird Meatie looks to be dry now.

I feel like a little kid, with a big "wow" and excitement as I look at the other eggs, wondering which will pip next.

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