08 August 2017

New goat kids

After a week of being on kidding watch, Chocolate finally delivered twin girls late this morning.  Even though she still looks big enough to have one or even two more inside, she's already passed the placenta, which *usually* means she is done.  (* There have been the odd cases where the dam has either had stuck babies after the placenta was passed, or even more rare cases where she had two placentas.  Chocolate has no history of that herself though.)
doeling #1 under mama

doeling #2 racking out for a nap

Tangie needed her pic taken, also

Prim looking on from a very safe distance

Chocolate and doeling #1 again
I was there for both deliveries, and toweled the tiny things off.  I've tried bottle feeding both, but only #2 took to it - although she took to it like a duck to water.  Later, she took to mam's teat with the same enthusiasm.  Doeling #1 threw her head back, with the exact same look in her eye as Rufus has this spring when I tried to get him on the bottle.  She did rack out under my leg a little later while I was waiting for the placenta to pass.  Guess that'll teach me to sit on the ground with one leg up to rest my elbow on my knee.  LOL

For the record, doeling #1 is Chocolate's first daughter to have brown eyes instead of blue.  I can't quite tell yet if she's black and white, or chocolate-brown and white.   I do know I was mostly sand-brown by the time I finally came in ... and I had just washed those clothes yesterday.  It's a dirty job, but I might as well be the one to get dirty doing it.

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