10 January 2018

Meet the new goats

OK, while I napped this afternoon, hubby went out and snapped a few pics to add to yesterday's attempts at pictures.  I've already taken to calling the firstborn Brownie Junior, and his little brother Whitey.  Maybe not the most imaginative names, but I tell them they got better first names than the triplets did last spring.
Whitey and Brownie Junior, tucked safely in the corner

believe it or not, Brownie Junior is definitely bigger than Whitey

shortly after birth, me trying to point them to the right part of Molly's udder

newborn Whitey hunting for the teat

I kept trying to point them in the right direction, but they were a bit confused

Brownie Junior, nearly dry after birth

Cocoa Puff was a bit curious and more than bit jealous

hubby and Cocoa Puff ... I really like this pic!
As mentioned in a caption, there is a definite size difference between Brownie Junior and Whitey, and I am already noticing character differences.  Brownie Junior is quite the adventurous little twerp, so in a night or two they are going into a crate for overnight so we don't have a repeat of overly-adventurous kids getting out at night.  Meanwhile, little Whitey is probably going to be a very affectionate goat.  He already loves having his nose stroked, from tip to forehead.  I did that this afternoon (once the rain stopped) and he just lifted his head right into my hand with a "Oh I like this!" look on his face.  I do hope I can find a good pet home for him.

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