10 March 2013

Hubby assembles the coop kit

I snapped a couple of pics yesterday afternoon as hubby put together the little chicken coop kit.  We were both feeling good yesterday morning, and the tax refund was burning a hole in our bank account ... and as I mentioned previously it took much willpower for us to walk out of TSC without the chicks or coop kit last time,  This time, that was the whole point of going back.
Hubby assembling the coop

a clearer pic, thanks to a Gimp filter called "cartoon" ...
 so now he looks like my live-in comic book hero!
Once it warmed up this morning, I brought the little girls out to the coop.  They were a bit timid at first, but now by mid-afternoon they are moving around like they hatched there.  Hubby set up his video camera for about 45 minutes this morning, which he says he'll edit in fast-forward just for amusement.

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