02 March 2013

When we arrived, I started.

When we arrived I started to record what my day to day was like. Now Free and unemployed but what are my days going to be like? what will I do? will I be board?
As it turns out I will be working full time at homesteading and as a model painter. The second "job" will be self employment and a source of fun money. I am also working on my youtube channel, Hey every little bit helps.
 And this brings me back to what I have written about my days. Starting from the day the "mothership" landed.


We spent our first day home. We woke before noon and shortly went to lunch. Our day was spent out  looking for sheds and storage buildings. We have found two we want. At Lows we bought a small refrigerator for the house. We have an issue with the water heater, it runs out very fast . We are looking at an inline water heater. Lows will get far too much of our money. We ended the day with a small dinner and a nice chat about arranging the buildings and gardens. I fell asleep early shortly after 8:00 in the evening
Here's a little pic' I took one night looking at the moon.
 Thanks for looking!

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