20 March 2013

Whole lot of growing goin' on

Not much new building or tree takedown or planting, as hubby has come down with the sinus crud and my back has been hurting since Monday.  There is a lot of growing going on though!  Along with new sprouts in the garden and salad boxes that are a bit too small to get decent pics of, the chicks are busy growing.  We did have to put together the pen kit yesterday for the littles, which are not quite so little as last week.
pen kit for the chick/rabbit hutch

broiler, Wyandote, and pullet chicks growing

the "golden girls" pullets playing hide-and-seek
The "golden girls" seem to be in a shy phase, especially since discovering the house portion of their little coop kit.  They are easily twice the size of the Wyandotes and other pullets, although the broilers are catching up quick.  The big surprise with the Cornish-Rock broilers is how active and curious and downright brave they are (for chickens, at least).  They have a reputation for basically laying by the food dish and eating or sleeping constantly, but at least two of my five are spending more time scratching the leaves and walking around in between naps.  It's a bit difficult to tell them apart from each other, although the golden pullet I bought at the same time as the broilers is now noticeably different looking - lighter build, more pronounced tail, and smaller.

We had planned to be building a medium-sized coop ("Rampart Fowl") this week, but still haven't made it up the highway to buy the lumber, wire, and roofing for it yet.  We've been putting it off and saying, "Hopefully tomorrow will be better," since Monday.  We need to get feeling better quick ... the county fair starts Saturday morning!

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