20 August 2015

Note eggs set

Just a note to myself because we'll be turning the calendar before the eggs hatch:  Monday maria found her "missing" hen setting a clutch of eight eggs.  Maria told me to bring some eggs to exchange for the ones the little hen was setting, so I grabbed the carton that had mostly eggs from Tiny and the Flashy Girls, along with an egg each from both Eileens and Bossy, all three who were in with Rock Star.  The hen was unhappy enough at being found, and was really upset by the egg switch, but I went over and looked this morning and she is happily on the eggs in the bucket they got orange trees in, on its side and filled with dried grass and leaves (and the eggs).  So, figure she settled in seriously on Tuesday the 18th, which puts the eggs hatching September 7-9th.

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