18 July 2015

Tiny and the Flashy Girls

I promised recent pics of the chickens, and here is another installment.  This is Tiny, the six month old Wyandotte cockerel from Luanne who was originally supposed to be one of my early capons, but I was still scaling the steep learning curve and nothing was removed.  He and Azar take turns as to who looks bigger - Azar one week, then Tiny the next.  The pullets with him are the gold laced Wyandotte girls remaining from the Ideal Poultry order back in January, and that group has the collective nickname "the Flashy Girls."
one of the Flashy Girls,
a gold laced Wyandotte pullet from Ideal Poultry

Tiny at six months old
(and Little Girl)

Tiny and the Flashy girls,
a breeding group
Little Girl is running around with them right as well, out in the rain right now.  If the weather is more conducive to moving chickens around later this evening, she'll move to the tractor with Azar and the layers while Bossy may get to move back into the broody tractor from her current time-out/penalty box.  That will need a separate post and some pics to explain.

While on the subject of moving chickens around, we moved the Flashy Girls in with Tiny, Spikey into the broiler pullet tractor, Feyd into the previous Wyandotte-only tractor with the Big Butt Girls (rose combed Wyandottes from Luanne, half or full siblings to Tiny and Azar) and the two sex links Beetle and Blackie.  These are roughly the first round for breeding groups.  Feyd crossed with the BBGs, Tiny with the Flashy Girls, and Spikey with the broiler pullets.  After we get a clutch of eggs set from Tiny, then he and Azar will switch places.  When old enough, the Pretties will rotate in with Azar and Tiny, while Tribble gets a chance with the BBGs.

Now, just for a little fun, here is a pic of Thursday's eggs.
Sixteen eggs, 16 July
Yup, the layers and pullets are doing quite a bit of work this week.  The new record, set on Tuesday, is seventeen eggs in one day ... but sixteen in a day is nothing to sneeze at either, considering there is only 20 of them laying currently.

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