28 July 2015

Getting guinea keets

I have shown hubby guineas at the farm swap down in Barberville, and also at the county fair, so he has been aware that not only do I want them, but they can be noisy and are really strange-looking.  Yesterday, I received an email from Ideal Poultry announcing an overhatch special on their guinea keets this week.  The price was tempting enough for me to mention it this afternoon after lunch ... and hubby said, "Go ahead and order them."  I just got off the phone from making said order, which will ship tomorrow and be at the post office either Thursday or Friday.  I am getting the hatchery assortment, which could be any combination of four varieties.
assorted guinea varieties from
Ideal Poultry
It's taken two and a half years, but I am finally getting my loud watch-birds ... and hopefully around spring I'll be roasting my first guinea.  I have recipes, but no practical place to get them.  Oh, they are reputed to be every bit as good as wild turkeys when it comes to eating ticks, too!  The ticks were bad this past spring, to the point we couldn't even hang laundry without having them crawling up our legs.

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