29 July 2015

Capon slips

So, as I think I mentioned last week, most of April's capons are actually slips ... even the nannies Cappy and Puffy.  While the caponizing was not exactly a success, it isn't exactly a failure, either.  The slips have had a good three months' worth of growth, and this morning I (attempted to) get a pic illustrating the size difference between Cappy and one of his cockerels who is approximately the same age Cappy was when caponized.  Excuse the blurriness (those who aren't already used to my stunning LACK of photography skills!) because Cappy decided to toss his head in annoyance just as I snapped the comparison pic.
size difference between Cappy (the blur)
and hatchery GLW cockerel the age Cappy was when caponized
Now, for another interesting thing about Cappy in particular: when he started growing his comb at the beginning of this month, it grew fast and tall.  With Azar and Tiny, I have a visual difference in the combs between one who carries the single comb recessive (Azar) and one without the recessive (Tiny).  Now, I have visual difference on hatchery stock: Feyd does not have the recessive, while Cappy certainly looks like he does.  His comb is already a bit bigger than Feyd's, who is two years older.  Here is a clear pic:
Cappy's monstrous comb
If Cappy had stayed a full capon, he'd probably have been our chick nanny for a few years, but as his hormones have come back he has lost his patience with the chicks.  Ah well, he is a good size now for smoking.

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