16 July 2015

Wyandotte pullets from Cackle

So, I managed to select the Cackle GLW pullets down to 11, from 24, the other week and sold the small ones and color culls.  Now, I need to select down again.  I'd like to narrow it down to only five or six this time, but so far there are only two or three obvious size culls.  I have a hard enough time focusing on them enough to really evaluate ... trying to get the digicam to focus on them for a picture is almost an exercise in frustration.  Hubby gave it a try as well, since there is a fellow on BYC up towards Jacksonville who is interested in some started pullets that will look pretty.  Here are two clear pics (out of about a dozen already this morning!):
gold laced Wyandotte pullets from Cackle Hatchery
13-1/2 weeks old

gold laced Wyandotte pullet,
in focus and in sunlight
Now that I've bothered to put new batteries in the digicam, I probably ought to get pics of everybody.

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