26 July 2015

Feyd and the Big Butt Girls

Luanne commented in an email this morning about what excellent condition the black phase cockerels are in, whereas between the rain, breeding, and general everyday activity her chickens are starting to look raggedy.  I offered to get pics of the Big Butt Girls, and guess who is out cruising for bugs before breakfast this morning.  Yes, Feyd is looking quite raggedy ... but don't waste any sympathy on him.  He is hen-pecked with PRIDE!
Feyd crowing and one of the Big Butt Wyandotte pullets

Feyd and two of the Big Butt Wyandottes

Feyd crowing for a Big Butt Wyandotte pullet

the Big Butt Girls peeking out of the tractor

the Big Butt Wyandotte pullets in morning sunlight
Hubby snorted with amusement earlier this morning when I used the phrase, "the EverReady Rooster" to describe Feyd.  That silly chicken really is the embodiment of the old joke about a farmer getting a new rooster who proceeds to breed everything in the entire barnyard.  Then when the farmer sees the rooster lying on his back in the middle of the barnyard with buzzards circling, he goes out to scoop up the carcass.  The rooster is only playing dead, points to the buzzards overhead, and whispers, "Don't blow my cover!  They're almost ready to land."

I believe all that white in Feyd's feathers is because of the illness that ran through the flock back in October and November right when everyone was molting.  I expect he'll grow out normal feathers after this next molt.  If he doesn't, then I'll need to work out a plan B.

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