30 July 2015

Guinea keets arrive

They are here, and they are so tiny!  They are also absolutely cute ... quick pic.
25 assorted guinea keets
newly hatched and just arrived
They hatched Tuesday afternoon or early evening, and were shipped out by evening.  Those are marbles in the waterer tray, as the keets are quite clumsy even for newly-hatched birds and could fall in trying to drink and drown.  I fished three out of the waterer tray in the first few minutes.  Hubby put poultry Nutri-Drench in the water instead of sugar at my suggestion ... looks like my instincts were good because I don't think all of them have figured out the food dish just yet.

They need the heat lamp, and after cupping my hands over a second one that was shivering badly, I had the idea of putting in a hot water bottle.  When I went out to check them just now, two were trying to sleep on their feet with their chins on the water bottle (which is actually a metal drink container that does a terrible job of holding its temperature ... which makes it ideal for this!).  As I watched, both slid sideways off the bottle together, like two drunk friends that can't hold each other up.

More to come, as hubby just went outside with the camera that does better video than stills.

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