24 July 2015

Poofy Silkies at 14 weeks

New pictures of the Poofies, aka the Silkies chicks.  They are less adventurous than the Wyandottes, preferring to stay near the tractor, and go into the tractor on their own once they feel they have enough green stuff in their crops.  I haven't seen them chasing bugs when they venture out of the tractor ... but as you may be able to see for yourselves, they are certainly adorable-looking!
one white and a couple splash Silkies
the white seems to be a cockerel

possible pullet, splash Silkie

a possible splash Silkie cockerel

poofy Silkie chicks with their beaks in the grass
One of them is starting to kazoo, and I think I am seeing combs starting to develop but that is harder to see with their black skin.  Hubby had a good laugh yesterday morning when he heard the kazoo coming from the small tractor.

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