10 February 2016

Getting a new bunny

Friday, after my appointment in Palatka, I'll be driving west of Gainesville to pick up a new bunny!  He's twelve weeks old, an unpedigreed standard size Rex, and he is the same opal color Brooke is, which means when he gets old enough to breed with her, all the offspring will be some variation of blue.  Opal is technically blue agouti, and the agouti pattern gene is dominant over both otter and solid, so I could get any or all of the three.  No surprise, I have been geeking out on coat color genetics.  Finding some good geeky fur quality genetics articles seems a bit more challenging, but I am now posting a bit at a forum called RabbitTalk.com and can always ask there.  Here are a couple pics of the cute little fellow, provided by the seller (and used with her permission):
12 week old opal Rex buck

12 week old opal buck
I've been working with George, Gracie, and Brooke on getting them accustomed to being petted, and now held.  Gracie takes it the best, especially when I have a cabbage leaf for her.  Brooke is still the most skittish, but I managed to trim all their nails the other day without bloodshed (mine or theirs!) and today after she wandered under the truck and around the carport, Brooke did not struggle when I caught up with her and calmly picked her up while calling her a "silly wabbit."  I did have a cabbage leaf in hand as a treat-reward.

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