20 February 2016

New critters

Just got in from the livestock auction, with three new critters.  One rabbit, some kind of meat line buck, and ... two pigs.  I got them both for $4.  No, not a typo - I paid four dollars for two male potbelly pigs.  These were the largest of the potbellies, and people tend to want the itty-bitty ones that are fed only so much a day to stunt their growth, so I got these two for only two dollars each.  Try buying more than 12 ounces of bacon for that at the grocery.  I told hubby, "Meet Pork Chop and Hammy."

The rabbit will also end up on the dinner table, but I want to fatten him up a bit first, and also give him a chance to breed Brooke.  George has tried, but the first time she refused to lift her rump and the second time he was more lovey-dovey, grooming her face and ears while making little snuffle noises.  I threatened to play Aerosmith for him to get him in the mood.  I even put Brooke in with Jack to see if he was ready, but still nothing.  I need to get my rabbits to breed like chickens - the roosters waste no time.

Pork Chop and Hammy have a day or two before they meet their destiny, as tomorrow I will finally get my dairy goats!  WooHOO!  I was going to drive out today to get them, but I called before leaving Palatka, and she said they needed to run out for the afternoon, but tomorrow around lunch time/after church was good for her.  I will be coming home will no less than two goats, and no more than four.

It's dark outside, so no pics unless hubby snaps some tomorrow while I drive to the other side of Gainesville to get my goat.

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