09 February 2016

Update sans pictures

OK, so it is still cold and windy, but according to the forecast the rain has passed for now.  Some chickening and gardening updates are in order.

  • Saturday morning was the farm swap in the Tractor Supply parking lot, and I headed up the road that morning with twelve chickens in the back.  I dropped the three cockerels off at Leo's restaurant (two Wyandottes from the October hatch and one black Silkie), then went to the swap to sell the nine cull pullets after having sorted out the four grow-out prospects.  I managed to sell all nine at the swap, and got $10 per bird.  The last bunch sold, the fellow tried hard to get me to come down off the already-discounted price (I was asking $12 per bird, but willing to make a deal), and had even left for a while before coming back to try again.  When he mentioned he was hoping to get them cheaper, I replied that I am not working towards "cheap" but for quality.  When I said that, he sighed and then paid what I wanted.
  • I didn't have anything to put up for auction Saturday evening, but I did show up as a buyer.  I was very much outbid for Silkie hens, but feel like I scored some decently-priced equipment which included three wire cages of various sizes, eleven (!!) waterers for rabbits and one for chicks, and an old styrofoam incubator with egg turner that needs the viewing windows replaced that I intend to use as a hatcher.  I even left with $6 still in my pocket.  This was after I had already put the pullet money from the morning up.
  • I candled the eggs in the incubator early this morning, and there are a LOT of clears.  In fact, only 14 out of the 41 show development.  Since most of the clears are from Azar and the Pretties, and that cross had a MUCH better development and hatch rate last time, I presume this is a fertility issue related to the weather.
  • We had a surprise frost yesterday morning, but it looks like none of the garden plants took any damage.  The walk-in greenhouse has a tear in the plastic up by the roof centerpiece already, and I can't tell if it was the wind, something falling, or an owl trying to perch that caused it.  My sprouts are doing decently enough, even with the damping off problem, and some of the spindly tomato seedlings are putting out true leaves now.  A few late sprouts are growing properly as well, so not a total loss.
  • Bright Eyes now officially has the title for ugliest and roughest molt.  Not only does she look miserable, I see her shivering when the wind kicks up as this is the coldest spell we've had so far.
  • The wood burning stove is well-loved right now.
I think that brings everything up to speed for now.

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