10 February 2014

Planting notes first week of Feb

No pics ... I'll get to those eventually.  I have now started the early spring planting, kicking off on Saturday with transplanting broccoli, cabbage, and lettuce starts that I picked up at WalMart on Friday.  On an impulsive whim, I also bought garlic bulbs and asparagus crowns ... now I need to quickly dig beds for them.  From what I've found online, asparagus beds in Florida usually only last about five years instead of 20-30 years up north.  Even so, that is still a better cost:benefit ratio than buying spears in the grocery.

Back in November, I had planted top-crop turnips, spinach, and lettuce ... and only got turnip greens and tomatoes, which died around New Year's with the first big cold front of the year.  The turnip greens have been doing quite well, much to the chickens' delight.  I plan to plant them more kinds of greens, as they have laid through most of the winter.  My neighbor mentioned to me yesterday that her hens aren't laying, so I gave her four eggs that were waiting to be carried in and in return she gave me a small round of Mexican bread she made (it was GOOD!).

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