21 March 2016

Chicken update

We've been doing a lot of stuff; I just haven't felt like typing it up this past week.  But, I did resolve to post at least once a week, and it has been since last Monday.

My March hatch was very good - out of 41 eggs that developed, 36 hatched.  Four did not even pip, and one quit, apparently too weak to get out of the shell.  I have twelve Meaties and 24 Feyd chicks, not all of which are full Wyandotte since Penny the black sex-link hen contributed some.  This is now my best development and hatch rate.

This morning, I started caponizing the January hatch, which is Azar x the Pretties.  The best cockerel has a single comb, plus white tips on his feathers, and there is no stand-out good rose comb cockerel in the bunch.  They are certainly quick and agile, though!  Out of four prepped for caponizing, we had two escapes, one known slip, and one that may be a capon.

I think my last hatch of the spring in the incubator will be Tiny x the Flashy Girls again ... not only is Bigfoot still growing out nicely, but his sisters look good as well.  After I gather up the eggs, I'll switch Azar and Tiny and put those eggs under broodies over the summer.

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