08 March 2016

Chocolate and Coca the goats

Here are some goat pictures, because I know for certain Tammy wants more, more, and more ... and while I haven't talked to my sister since buying the goats, she sure did emphasize the rabbit pictures around New Year's time frame, so I figure she wants goat pics as well.

Just to state for the record, Chocolate and Coca pose about as often or as well as the chickens, which means not if they can actually help it.
Chocolate on an old lawn chair

Chocolate up on the downed tree

little Coca

Coca the doeling

Coca up on our back deck

Chocolate and Cocoa

My first two goats, Chocolate and Cocoa
Today I drive to Gainesville for another VA appointment, then tomorrow I drive the opposite direction to St. Augustine to buy my third goat.  He is a three year old ADGA-registered Nigerian Dwarf who is people friendly, loves animal crackers as a treat ... and his name is Brownie.  "Capretta Farms Brownie Moon" is his full registered name, but Brownie fits just so well with Chocolate and Cocoa.

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