26 March 2016

My first cheese making attempt

So, I ordered two cheese making kits, plus another book on the subject, and have been itching to give it a try.  Yesterday, I decided to go ahead and scratch that itch.  I intend to practice on store bought milk for a while, at least until I can get a good milking goat, that will hold still for a full milking.  Don't get me wrong, Chocolate is making a bunch of milk right now, and I am penning Cocoa up at night so she doesn't nurse her mother dry.  This morning I managed to get about nine ounces before Chocolate decided she had enough of the rain, feeder full of Goat Chow or not.  The gal I bought Jack the rabbit from has Nigerian Dwarf goats who give up to a quart a day ... I want one.  Meanwhile, she wants to upgrade to La Mancha goats.
making my first batch of cheese
I was following the recipe and instructions for mozzarella, but I made a couple of newbie mistakes, and what I have is a soft, spreadable cheese that is tasty on a Ritz cracker.
my first homemade cheese
I had stirred too much after adding the rennet, then I didn't drain off enough of the whey before heating and trying to stretch the curds.  I'll try again soon for mozzarella, and also probably try some small batch recipes for goat cheese.  As long as the results are edible, I'll not complain about the learning curve.

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