09 March 2016

Meet Brownie

And here he is ... I figure if I don't post a pic or three, I'll get a phone call tonight asking about him.
new Nigerian Dwarf goat, Brownie

my buck (billy) Brownie

Brownie's color is called chamoisee
I asked how to pronounce the color: it's French (of course) so that would be "sham-wah-zay," I am told.  Either way, he really is cute.  He's actually smaller than Chocolate, and it's likely Cocoa will be bigger than both the older goats.  His voice is quieter, and also higher-pitched, than Chocolate's, but a bit shriller than Cocoa's baby voice.

He enjoys being petted, and loves being brushed ... and Chocolate is VERY jealous.  She does not want him too close to me.  She does not want to share the chow bucket.  She certainly doesn't want him being brushed ... that little scrub brush is for HER!  Oh, yeah, I do use one of those kitchen/bathroom style scrub brushes for the goats, since Nigerian Dwarves are so small.

One last note about Chocolate: she is still in milk.  I've read through Deborah Neimann's Raising Goats Naturally this past week, and on the drive home today it clicked in my head that the doe needs to be relaxed to be milked, not stressed or nervous.  I tested a teat when Chocolate was busy putting her pudgy self between Brownie and me, and yes she is still in milk.  Now, the "fun" begins: training her to stand for milking.  I think I'll try taking advantage of her natural propensity for gluttony first.

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