23 December 2014

A stay of execution

The remaining seven nuggets have a stay of execution right now - my back has been acting up yesterday and again today.  I did hold the door and navigate for hubby to move the small refrigerator into the large bathroom since we really do not have fridge or freezer space for these chickens currently.  I'll need to slaughter two tomorrow, rain or shine or hurting back.  One will be Christmas dinner, and one will be going home with hubby's parents, along with any green onion or parsley they may need.

A couple of pics of the voracious gluttons as of a few minutes ago.
Cornish Rock nuggets

7 Cornish Rock nuggets
I did have a chuckle yesterday afternoon when I saw one of the larger nuggets catch a bug, then waddle-run from corner to corner playing a cross between keep-away and Calvin ball.

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