14 December 2014


Regarding Bears.
FL Wildlife Commission's bear info page

In the link above, near the bottom of the page, is a video produced by the Florida wildlife commission. I found this to be quite informative.
They have several Bear related articles which might be worth the reading.( I'm not done yet!)
So far from what I gather covering last nights attack on the Chickens, It's our fault the bears attacked the chickens. Ok. So, to get just a little deeper here, the big rule is Don't feed the bears and don't attract the bears! Sounds good. What we needed to know before last night was that we were attracting bears. We also needed to know what bears ate and how they go about finding food. That's on us, no going back.
The big thing is securing food, trash, gardens and live stock. Which to this point we haven't really given much thought about. We don't create very much trash and mostly put it out in the morning before trash pick up. So that's covered. The gardens are all open boxes so it's fair game if we loose some to critters. No big deal they grow back?! Right?...
Livestock. Ok, we're slack where that's concerned. Mostly because we just didn't know we needed to do more. We have had our chickens for 18 months or more and until the Raccoon attack we'd not had any problems. Now things are different. we are looking at electric fencing now we are on a budget and have to plan this out. Going back to the FWC articles and video the big winner is electric fencing as a nonlethal answer to keeping out chickens safe. They say it's the most reliable way to keep bears and other critters out of where you don't want them.
I have said before education is painful and I stand by it. (Experience)
In the meantime I have put the tractors back together. I was surprised at how well they took the beating. I am hoping that the bears don't bother us again tonight
well I've gone on long enough.
Thanks for reading.

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